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Don't just hear it from us

A subscriber for quite some time now ... thank you for such a fantastic product. Anyone 'looking ' should google the benefits of mushrooms , long recognized by older civilizations & bebefits.
I do feel it has kept me 'fitter' mentally & physically at 74 years young X))

Judi R.

Love it...I don't have episodes of diverticulitis anymore, as my digestion is fantastic! More energy and better memory recall. I have recommended it to many people.

Roger W.

I feel like the fog has lifted and have more's the 1st thing i have in my cup of chia every morning and all day!

Jemima J.

The mushroom elixir is the best. It has changed my life and my health. However very frustrated with their points scheme. Never yet have I been able to redeem and despite emailing which takes forever to get a response no one has offered to help me redeem nor can I redeem their offers on my regular order. Like the product though it’s great.

Ange V.

this is the mushroom balance that is working for me right now. I have used individual mushroom tinctures and tablets. the blackgold is the winner for how it taste. Or ought I to say not taste. I havent tasted the earthy flavor some mixes are reported to have. I can mix this in anything, just like you stated. fantastic.
I love the purity of the product, the amount, I know its silly, of 1/2 tsp. and I love my really good days.

Susan G.

Loved it so much we now have to order 2 bags at a time. This stuff keeps you alert without the shakes coffee gives you and your ability to go go go all day is amazing. Really wakes up my mind!

Michelle G.

Absolutely love this product. Completely improved my memory & mental health. Have recommended to many friends who are also now avid users.

Clarissa B.

I take a lot of medication and found the chaga really helped my stomach. It's taken away my acid stomach and helps with my bloating. I can eat a wider range of food again which Input down to the chaga. Would be great to have as a gummie on its own.

Samantha J.

Elixir I start in the morning my industry is hospitality thinking on your feet multi tasking we are a cafe bar, opening morning running into dinner. Managing staff customers. Before I drank Elixir I would feel exhausted,before I drank Elixir I didn't know what fog mind was. I do now I don't suffer from it. I run out too soon so three a month is good. Just in case

Christina O.

The Organic Mushroom Elixir added to my coffee adds a nice taste to it and keeps me going longer at work I'm definitely have more energy

Gary S.

Feel Great Everyday

Our customers have shared that incorporating our elixir into their coffee helps reduce or even prevent negative side effects. It's even led to some of them replacing their regular coffee with our elixir, a change we'd say is for the better.

0 mg caffeine


Very slightly sweet, with a rich earthy goodness. With similar notes to your favorite coffee.


Zen like focus, sustained energy, & clarity with zero jitters or crashes, allowing you to be your best self.

Lab Tested

We inspect for beta-glucans, heavy metals, allergens, mycotoxins, and mold, ensuring the finest quality and safety of our products

Experienced Farmers

Partnering with mushroom farmers with over a decade of experience. We believe experience translates to quality, and our reviews speak volumes.

Good to Know

We use mushroom fruiting bodies, as studies show they contain the most nutrients compared with mycelium or roots which is cheaper and less effective product.

Our pouch contains only equal parts organic - Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Maitake, Turkey Tail, & Reishi mushroom extracts.

It's What's Inside

That Counts

Lion's Mane

Supports healthy brain function, memory, and focus, making it ideal for those looking for mental clarity and productivity.


Supports overall health and wellness, immune health and fighting off harmful free radicals with its antioxidant properties.


Promotes a sense of calm and relaxation, leading to a more balanced and revitalized you. and supporting overall mental well-being for a better quality of life.


Its unique blend of bioactive compounds may help support healthy metabolism and overall cardiovascular function, promoting a balanced lifestyle.


Supports healthy energy metabolism, making it a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts and individuals with active lifestyles.

Turkey Tail

Rich in antioxidants and polysaccharides to support overall immune health and well-being.






Our Mushroom Elixir is the everyday pick me up
Sustained energy & calm focus
Improving sleep quality
Zero jitters and zero crash
Any time of the day
Drinking daily for more benefits
Mix it with coffee, tea, or by itself
Mix it with food e.g oats, casseroles, soups, and more

Your everyday routine;

Made Easy


Add spoon (1/2 tspn) of Mushroom Elixir to your cup and add hot or cold water (3-7oz)

Mix it up

Froth it up with your fancy frother for about 5 - 10 seconds

How you like

Add your choice of milk, ice, sweetener, or with your regular coffee or tea

how to dose

This isn't coffee, it's better!

Try Mushroom Elixir Today
zen-like focus, no crash or jitters
can cause jitters and crashes
supports immune system health
no immune support
packed with adaptogenic mushrooms
just coffee, nothing else
supports overall well-being and mood
dependency and dehydration
Enjoy on it's own, in coffee, tea, or mixed with food.
100% customer satisfaction guarantee or your money back

Got Questions? Let's Answer Them

Blackgold Mushroom Elixir focuses is on the unique blend of six mushroom extracts, with no other ingredients or coffee. Our formula includes Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Maitake, Turkey Tail, and Reishi mushroom extracts, all working together to support energy, focus, mood, sleep, gut health, and immunity. You'll be harnessing the power of nature's most potent adaptogens, designed to promote overall well-being and balance. We work with trusted suppliers that focus only on using the fruiting bodies of the mushroom for maximum benefits that you can feel.

If you struggle with brain fog, lack of energy, or get sick often then it's a big YES from us. Even if you feel good but want to feel great every day then this will help take it to the next level

There is no caffeine at all, our functional mushrooms will help you keep focused without the negative side effects of caffeine. Our elixir only contains mushrooms and nothing else.

We're not doctors and we don't pretend to be. Consult your physician before making any changes to your diet during pregnancy, nursing, or to your kids diets.

Similar to coffee with a rich earthy goodness. Some days we add it to coffee without the negative side effects of coffee, but most days we have it pure with hot nut milk to get the day started.

Yes you can, the average serving size being ½ teaspoon is for an average sized individual. We treat it like coffee and might have it more than once a day.

Typically 30 days of taking our Elixir daily will allow you to notice a big difference mentally and physically. A lot of our customers feel a difference even just days after daily use.

Yes it's 100% vegan with only natures finest mushroom double extracted to give you benefits you can feel!

Yes, click shop at the top of the menu for one-time purchases options. However most customers subscribe to get the most savings and FREE gifts. Best of all, if you don't think the subscription is for you then you can cancel it even after the first month and keep the gifts on us! But we're sure you'll love it as much as we do!

We believe in the synergy of a diverse blend. Our formula contains six potent mushroom extracts. Each of these mushrooms has been clinically studied and shown to provide various benefits, such as supporting energy, focus, mood, sleep, gut health, and immunity. We offer a substantial dose of all six extracts, ensuring that you receive the full benefits of each one. You can be confident that you're getting a well-rounded, comprehensive formula, without unnecessary ingredients or cheap instant coffee that other brands use in order to use less mushrooms extracts (hint: mushrooms extracts cost more than coffee). Our approach is to provide a balanced, effective blend that allows you to experience the combined power of these extraordinary mushrooms.

Yes you can! We know old habits die hard heck we still might have the odd coffee every now and then, but you know the jitters or crash you get from coffee? well, some of our customers swear adding our elixir to their coffee helps reduce or remove all the negative side effects to their coffee so you can really enjoy it. But be warned you might swap this out for your daily coffee altogether and we wouldn't be mad about it which makes it a great alternative to coffee with benefits you can feel!