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If you're looking for a supplement to support your overall mental and physical well-being, then our product might be just what you need! Our elixir is made with a special blend of functional mushrooms that can help support your body's natural functions.

Slightly sweet, earthy flavor that's enjoyable to drink. Some people like to add it to their coffee or tea, while others prefer to drink it straight up with hot nut milk. If you're feeling indulgent, a dash of honey can be a nice addition.

May help support overall health

Contains a blend of organic mushroom extracts, including reishi, shiitake, and cordyceps

Rich in antioxidants and other bioactive compounds

May help support:

  • Immune system function
  • Brain function and focus
  • Energy levels and physical performance
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Healthy aging and longevity

Our elixir can be enjoyed in various ways. Mix ½ tsp (2g) with warm water, tea, coffee, smoothies, or in cooking. You can enjoy it daily, with or without food. If you're new to our product or sensitive to herbs, start with ¼ tsp and gradually increase your intake as needed.

If you are taking prescription medication, we always  recommend you consult with your healthcare provider before using Blackgold products to ensure it's safe and appropriate for your individual needs.

Our product can be enjoyed daily, with or without food. You can start with 1/2 tsp (2g) and gradually increase your intake as needed. However, it's important to note that taking too much of any supplement can be harmful, so it's best to follow the recommended serving size and talk to a healthcare professional if you have any concerns since were not doctors and don’t pretend to be!.

The effects of our product can vary from person to person. Some people may notice a difference after a few days of daily use, while others may not notice any effects until after 30 days of consistent use. It's important to remember that everyone's body is different, and the timing of the effects can depend on various factors, such as individual metabolism and overall health.

We only use natural ingredients! Refer to the ‘Ingredients’ section on the relevant product’s page for a full list of ingredients.

We believe in the power of the fruiting body, as studies have shown that it contains the highest concentration of nutrients. Other products may use the roots of the mushroom, but we believe that's like eating the apple tree instead of the apple itself - not the most effective way to get the nutrients you need.

Our mushrooms are sustainably grown in organic environments on multi-generational family farms in Eastern China, where they have been traditionally used in medicine for centuries. Our Chaga is wild-harvested from Russia. We're committed to sourcing our ingredients from reputable suppliers who follow sustainable and organic practices, ensuring the highest quality and purity in our product.

Blackgold does not contain any gluten, dairy, corn, peanuts, egg, wheat, or soy. If you are allergic to any ingredient that is not on this list, please consult with your doctor when in doubt. We understand the importance of catering to different dietary needs and preferences, and we're committed to providing a product that's accessible to a wide range of consumers.

It's important to consult with your healthcare provider before using Blackgold products to ensure it's safe and appropriate for your individual needs.

We offer a subscription service to make it easy for you to maintain a consistent supply of our product. By subscribing, you'll save 15% on every order compared to one-off purchases.

Our subscription service is flexible and allows you to cancel at any time, even after the first order. You're in control and can adjust or cancel your subscription as needed.

We want to make it easy for you to incorporate our product into your daily routine, so you can feel great every day. Our subscription service is designed to be convenient and hassle-free, so you can focus on taking care of your health and well-being.

Shipping & Delivery

So you've purchased or are interested in having our Blackgold Mushroom Elixir as part of your health routine. We're working hard to get this in your hands fast.

Processing can take 1 to 2 business days (usually same day), and then one of our delivery partners will get the item to you in the estimated shipping times below. You’ll get a shipment notification email with a tracking number once your parcel leaves us.

Refer to our Shipping Policy for specific shipping times and costs.

New Zealand

FREE 1-2 Working Day Express Delivery on all orders.

We send you an email tracking code that allows you to track it on our shipping partners website. As soon as it's lodged with our shipping partners, you will get tracking confirmation within 72 hours of placing your order.

If you have not received your order within the expected timeframe, our friendly customer support team is here to assist. Just email with your order details.

First, we recommend checking the courier tracking details which are included in your order confirmation email.

Simply click on the tracking link provided and this will redirect you to the carrier's tracking website for the latest update on your parcel.

If your parcel has been delayed, do get in touch within 15 days from the dispatch date and we will lodge an inquiry with the carrier. If you received your parcel and the contents are damaged, please contact us in the first instance.

*Please note: Once we pass your order is handed over to our delivery partners, your package is with a different provider. We completely understand delays are frustrating, however once your order is with the courier, any issues need to be investigated by the postal company. We are able to contact them on your behalf to resolve any issues. Please be assured, we will always do our best to get the issue sorted as quickly as possible for you.

Oops, Mushroom Elixir not being sent to the right address? Please email immediately with the subject line CHANGE or UPDATE and we'll do our best to meet your request.

As we do our best to get your orders out to you as soon as we can, sometimes an order will be processed before we have a chance to change it. We can't guarantee a change of delivery details after the order is placed so please make sure to check your details before submitting your order.

*Please note: We can only send your order to the address you provide on your order - if you have provided an incorrect address, and the package is delivered there, we are unable to retrieve it so please check your address carefully! Otherwise we charge a $6.95 redelivery fee.

All our Pre-Order items will have a estimated dispatch date on the the bottom of the product description.
Keep in mind this is an estimate given by our shipping partners and can dispatch sooner or later than the date provided.

If you are wanting to purchase Pre-Order items with other in stock items then please place separate orders to avoid your entire order being dispatched on the estimated Pre-Order date.

We currently only ship to New Zealand, Australia and USA.

Returns and Exchanges

Yes, please refer to our Refund Policy.

We’ve got you covered here too. All returns (for both refunds and exchanges) will be covered with a free return shipping label that we are happy to organize for you, which means no expenses at the post office! Just contact our friendly team at and they will be able to help you along the way.

We’re sad to see you go! Should you receive a refund for your order, you will receive an email confirming this has been processed from our end. From there, it will take 2-5 business days to process into your account, depending on your bank. If it takes any longer than this, we would recommend contacting your bank or merchant (eg. Afterpay) directly.

We're all about making as risk-free for our customers especially new customers to try our amazing Organic Mushroom Elixir which is why if it's your first-time order, whether on a subscription or as a one-off we'd love to help you make the decision to move forward with your purchase by offering you a refund on your first 30 serve pack should you take the product for the entire month and find no benefits.

Of course, we hope you understand that we're a small business and this will be assessed upon discretion but we know if it's anything like the majority of our customers you'll be coming back for more which is why we're lenient with this policy.

You'll know you'll be buying from a company that believes in their product and put's their money where their mouth is.


All jokes and puns aside - your privacy and security is our highest priority. We use Shopify Payments which is an extremely secure and highly encrypted system designed to protect customers and also hold merchants accountable.

We accept the good old-fashioned methods of payment, such as credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/American Express) as well as debit cards that can be used for online transactions. If you’re a bit more tech-savvy, we offer GooglePay and ApplePay too!

Need a little longer to pay for your Mushroom Elixir order? We offer Afterpay payment plans for NZ customers as well.

For when payday is just that bit too far away, we have alternate payment plans available. You can select Afterpay or Laybuy at the checkout provided you live in NZ.

*Please note: These are separate companies to us and you will need to create an account with either of them.

Woo, it’s on sale - so you’re basically saving money (at least, that’s what we tell ourselves when something is on sale). Simply head to the checkout, and on the first page of the checkout there will be a box for you to enter your discount code in - make sure to click ‘Apply’! This is offered before the payment page so you’re totally aware of how much you can save.

*Please note: Only one discount code can be used per order. If you are purchasing multiple bundles and discounts, we suggest placing separate orders. Strikethrough prices may consider the discount code mentioned in the description. Please check email offers for which items the code is applicable for (eg. subscription orders or bundle Elixir purchases).

Made your Mushroom Elxiir purchase, and as the payment was loading you realized with horror you hadn’t added your discount? Never fear, that opportunity hasn’t slipped away! Simply email our lovely team at and they will be happy to help correct this for you.

*Please note: Only one discount code can be used per order. If you are purchasing multiple bundles and discounts, we suggest placing separate orders. Strikethrough prices may consider the discount code mentioned in the description. Please check email offers for which items the code is applicable for (eg. subscription only orders or bundle Elixir deals).

Want to share that Mushroom Elixir love? Unfortunately we don’t offer gift cards or vouchers, but we have a flexible return policy - so you can buy that lucky person some amazing Mushroom Elixir, and we can help them out if they decide they don't want that health kick to feel great everyday, but why wouldn't they want that right?

The store's currency is in NZD

Contact Us

Something not quite right with your order? Don’t worry, our team is ready to spring into action! Please contact us to advise of the issue, and to help resolve things quickly we request you include photos so we can help identify what has happened.

These things happen! Please email us immediately with the subject line CHANGE or CANCEL and we will do our absolute best to carry out your request. If it has already been dispatched from our fulfilment partner you will need to go through our returns process.

As we do our best to get your orders out to you as soon as we can, occasionally an order will be processed before the team has a chance to change it. We cannot guarantee a change of order after the order is placed so please select your items carefully.

Gone are the days of carrier pigeons and smoke signals – emailing us is the way to go! Our email contact is This also allows us to keep a paper trail for your issue so we can help you as best we can. We answer emails as fast as we can but remember we’re only human, so please be patient and we are working as quickly as possible to get back to you. We promise we won’t leave you on ‘read’!

We always strive to be the best so we love hearing your thoughts. We also love hearing your beautiful stories about our Black Gold Organic Mushroom Elixir and your experience. It warms our hearts to see our Mushroom Elixir being so well loved out in the big wide world. Should you have any feedback for us, please feel free to email us at

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